When the night begins to cover the horizon.

When stale tobacco turns to ashes.

I’m “The Obscure” began to shows.

Have you ever laughed out loud?

I think the time is very warm, when we are together.

The street lights started to lights on.

Traffic Jam started.

I thought you were all my worried drug.

Who knows?

The electric carriage drove very fast.

People just come and go.

Time was flies so fast.

Just like with you.

The time is at night.

Parting with you is the way it should be.

Tomorrow is rain, i think.

Calm down,

May I always be present without permission and negligence.

With you, my life feels full.

Highly full.

(Kebayoran’s Station by Mahesworo L.W)

Daggerword / Mahes.

Story Upon The Shadows / Cerita diatas Bayangan






Gabakal Bisa keknya lu hes.

Triple S.


Kadang pengen jadi Taneman aja

Dikasur enak ya?¿

Mr. Traveling The Past

Nothing Revealed / Everything Denied.

Semoga Ayah Bunda Panjang umur

Playing on My Mind

IELTS 7,0 Gak Kesampaian

begitu juga sama eyang.

22, A Million

Ambisi Tidak Terkejar

Ada aja yang mantik masa lalu.

Melbourne / Stockholm mimpi doang kali ya?

itma lasablilas?

Introvert Hangover

Butuh Tidur


Biasa saja, kamu tak apa.

Mahes / daggerword.

Story Upon The Shadows / Cerita diatas Bayangan.